My Kenmore Washing Machine Won't Spin

There will be few times in your life when you need to shop for a new washing machine. There's plenty to choose from if you're checking out new washing machines in 2013.

It pays to know precisely what you want in your new washing machine when it comes to performance and features before you start looking at models. All the different kinds of fabric used in our clothes makes it important to have many wash cycles to choose from. Also, know that the better washing machines come with sensing technology for detecting load size. These aren't the only features you'll see in the latest washing machines.

The Whirlpool WTW4850XQ top loading washing machine has a very average clothing capacity of 3.4 cubic feet. However, Whirlpool's strong design feature is its noise reduction system. People don't usually like noisy washing machines, and this model is very quiet. Another feature that people appreciate with this machine is that it's budget friendly and they can afford it. The Whirlpool name is one most people are familiar with and trust. They know Whirlpool has manufactured quality washing machines for years. Do you like having many options to choose from? If so, you'll love Whirlpool's WTW4850XQ. It features three water levels, five different water temperatures, and many other choices.

Another top-loader, which is on the upper level of washing machines, is the Samsung WA5471A. We couldn't figure out, however, Samsung's purpose for making the lid of this machine out of tempered glass. Perhaps it's just a style and design element but there seems to be a lack of practicality for it. Nevertheless, the clothing capacity on this great machine is 4.7 cubic feet and it features 13 different cycles. Not everyone will be encouraged to shell out $1,078.00, the suggested retail price, for this machine, however. For those who can afford to buy this machine, the beautiful stainless platinum finish may be a deciding factor in their choice. If stainless platinum doesn't fit your decor, you can also buy this machine in traditional white. At this price, it better be Energy Star efficient - and it is so you can recoup some of the investment in due time.

You can choose between white and metallic silver if you decide to purchase the GE PTWN8050M top loader. The stainless steel tub has a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet and is considered larger than normal. This washer is ideal for large families. Also, this washer allows you to program it for your common wash settings.

Obviously, this feature isn't new to washing machines. However, it is a great feature to have on a washer because it can help save time. You'll likely appreciate a couple of other features of the GE PTWN8050M, such as the sanitizing mode and the quick wash mode. A washer made by GE is never a bad investment, as you're guaranteed a high quality and durable unit. Your budget is most likely what will decide whether or not to get a GE washing machine.

The more feature-rich washing machines in 2013 are taking a clever approach to providing benefits to the user. You can see where their thinking is headed with the inclusion of shorter cycles, water level sensors, and the gentle cycle for delicate washables. It's obvious that these manufacturers have their consumers in mind and are thinking of ways to save them money. This benefits everyone.

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